Allison Weeks, Fine Art

Allison Weeks, Fine Art

Feb 28, 2024Sally Luburgh

We've also been adding new things to the store during the winter months.  Everyone has been creating, and I, personally, have been doing a lot of ordering.  We have lots of new yarn, dyed wool, kits, and miscellaneous supplies.  We are ready to support your creating!

Would you like to weave on a 4 harness loom but don't want to do all the warping?  I have a couple looms set up for towels and for $25 you can weave a towel.  This price includes loom rent and all the supplies like yarn and shuttles.  The time it takes to weave varies, but you should allow for 4 hours your first time.  When you are finished, we will cut the towel off the loom and you can take it with you!

This April, we are featuring Allison Weeks.  Her show opens April 6, 2024 and we will have a reception for 5pm - 7pm.  At the reception, you can meet Allison, talk about her paintings, how she works or order a commission.  

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